Women’s Day Celebration: Be Purple

It’s time to shake off the embrace of winter months and spring into the blossoming splendor of this new season. Springtime is about to turn up, which further connotes the arrival of tender blooms, green grass, fertile earth, and shining sun. Though it will begin around March 20, we could feel some hints in the air.


Along with merry times of spring, the month of March brings an opportunity to accentuate and celebrate achievements of women to the world. International Women’s Day is globally commemorated on March 8, every year, to call for gender equality and reflect upon the evolution women have brought to this world. Women are tenacious, stable, compassionate, rhapsodic, and exuberant. Thus, 2015 brings in a similar way to paying tribute to these beautiful characteristics of a woman. The UN organization choose ‘purple’ to be the major theme color of this years’ Women’s Day, denoting justice and dignity for women equality.

Though pink is universally-accepted color of this symbolic day referring to elegance and clemency of a woman, purple stands for integrity and truthfulness. If you are a devoted woman admirer, be in the best of your purples this year. Choose a purple outfit, adding a pretty pop of purple jewelry (sparkling amethysts) and accessories to it. If not primarily, each woman somehow contributes to the progress of this planet, even if she is a homemaker.


Present yourself in shades of mauve, lavender, violet, and lilac, decorate your workplace in purple hues, and organize fun activities for women around you. Distribute tokens of respect in the form of feminine gifts such as orchid flowers, purple lipsticks, amethyst studs or pendants, headbands, and many more, wrapped in purple paper. Inspire your male and female friends and colleagues to rise for equality and give ovation to earnestness of women.

Happy Women’s Day!

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