Various Necklace Lengths

Necklaces are important when you wish to dress perfectly. They come in various lengths and styles. Selecting the right necklace length is important for this highly impacts the overall look and enhances the outfits.

Various Necklace Length

It’s a proven fact that an accessory can make or break the style so the selection should be done carefully. When you are choosing a necklace consider the length along with the style and design. This would help you in getting the perfect piece that will accentuate your personality.

Here are the different necklace lengths for you to pick from.

12/13inches – Collar

13/13inches Collar Necklace Favorites of Queen Mary

This necklace length holds a vintage glamour. Collars were the favorites of Queen Mary. Usually collar necklaces are made of two t0 four strands. Three layer collars are most popular. You can wear it with a V-neck, boat neck or off the shoulder outfit. It can also elaborate turtle necklines.

14/16inches – Choker

Round Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace

Chokers are the most versatile of all necklace lengths. They are easy to choose and good to wear with almost any outfit. It’s a classic length that goes with casuals as well as formals.

17/19inches – Princess

17/19inches Princess Necklace

Like the name, the necklace is pretty imperial. You can wear it with crew or high and low plunging necklines. This is also a perfect length for pendants.

20/24inches – Matinee

20/24inches Matinee Necklace

Right above the chest, matinee lies between princess and opera. It looks superb with both casual and formal looks.

28/34inches – Opera

28/34inches Opera Necklace

Flexible and elegant, opera is the queen of all necklace lengths. You can wear it singly or double it to make a two strand choker.

Over 45inches – Rope

Over 45inches Rope Necklace

Loved by Coco Chanel, rope is a sensual and elite length. You can choose it for a multi-layering effect or drape it as a single strand to show your fashionista charm.

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