What can be a Push Gift for New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer?

Just when Marissa Mayer is joining Yahoo as a CEO she made an announcement that she is going to have an addition in the family in October, in simple words she is pregnant. Mayer who was a Google VP before she took on the new role said that she will not be going on a long maternity leave instead she will be working throughout it. Like any new mom she also deserves a push gift, and what can be better than a beautiful gemstone or diamond pendant.

Marissa Mayer, vice president Search Products & User Experience, Google

This bold and beautiful lady loves to keep it simple particularly when it comes to jewelry, and so instead of the elaborate jewelry set, a pendant will make the perfect gift option. When it comes to the gemstone, one can either opt for her birthstone that is emerald or opal which can be the birthstone of her baby.


Another option could be a piece of mother jewelry that has the option for three or more stones and each stone representing one member of the family. This was about her gift. Now let us look at her new job. Before taking on this important role at Yahoo! a struggling Web pioneer, she was a long-time key spokesperson and executive of Google. During her tenure at Google she has supervised search business which was pivotal to the web giant’s growth in the recent times.

marissa-mayer-yahoo-ceo-with-solitaire-pendant Diamond-Solitaire-Pendant

However in her new position as the fifth CEO of Yahoo, (she is the fifth one in five years), she will be having a difficult task of boosting the revenues of Yahoo which is struggling to gain ground against Google and Facebook.

The first quarter revenue figures of Yahoo show a 1 percent hike over last year’s revenue in the same period. Emeralds will be the perfect thing for this talented woman as it will not only give her a practical insight but also boost her luck.

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