The World of Tanzanite

tanzanite is found only in the East African state of “Tanzania”The transparent blue hue of the tanzanite gemstone allures our hearts and we love the tanzanite jewelry. This gem is not only loved for its glamorous beauty but also its low pricing as compared to the other popular blue gem, ‘Sapphire’.

Let us read about the tanzanite gem and the interesting facts and legends which are associated with it. After all, it is always a terrific feeling to know about the gem in detail, which we fondly wear in our jewelry.

1) It is found only in the East African state Tanzania and it is from here that it got its name.

2) It is interesting to know that this gem is red-brown in color in its raw state. It is after heat treating it that it gains its lustrous blue hue.

3) These stones were first discovered by Masai herders about three decades ago when they found them lying on the ground (when they had gained blue color due to natural lightening and fire).

4) It is the official birthstone of December and the gem for the 24th year of wedding.

5) Tanzanite is supposed to be a brittle stone and should be protected well from sharp blows. It should also be protected against sudden and extreme temperature changes. This can lead to crack the stone.

6) It is a pleochorism gemstone. This clearly means that it will display different color when viewed from different angles.

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