Pink Sapphires

Sapphires that come from Corundum family of stones, are better known for their royal blue color. However, unlike the common misconception these gems come in a wide array of hues including black, red, yellow, orange and even pink.

Pink sapphire and ruby both belong to the same family, but both are regarded as two separate varieties. While the only difference is the depth of color in them. Pink sapphires may range from a very delicate, pleasing, lively pink without any other overtones to pink with a violet tinge. All gradations are acceptable in a pink sapphire from the ones tending towards a ruby to the ones tending towards violet sapphire. 

pink sapphire pendant

Pink sapphires like all sapphires display excellent hardness (9 on Moh’s scale of hardness). Their hardness combined with their luster and their stunning color make pink sapphire an excellent choice for all kinds of jewelry.

Pink is the color of love, of romance, of femininity. Pink sapphire beautifully crafted into jewelry is a beautiful gift that can please any girl.

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