Why to choose moissanite over diamonds?

Moissanite and DiamondOnce upon a time in the land of Arizona was struck with a huge meteorite. However it was not the meteorite explosion that caused the headlines but the fact that a small trace of an unknown mineral were found. This mineral was moissanite. It was exceptionally shiny, brilliant looking and was nothing less than an ideal gemstone. But the sad bit was if only there was enough of this newly found gem. After several years of study moissanite has found its way into jewelry stores and has become a fashion rage. It is considered to be one of the finest substitutes of diamond. With its unimaginable brilliance and fire it has become a popular choice amongst people the world over.

So what makes moissanite so special?

Why can’t we just buy diamonds instead of moissanite is what you all must be thinking. Why should we invest in buying this stone rather than a diamond? There are lots of advantages of buying moissanite jewelry. Especially when moissanites are priced way below than diamonds. You can buy beautiful jewelry at an extremely affordable price. Just imagine having a gorgeous collection of jewelry without burning a hole in your pocket.

Moissanite ring and Diamond ringThe brilliance:

In the world of jewelry brilliance means how well light passes through a particular stone or to put it in simple words how shiny and sparkly it is. It’s said that moissantite is way shinier and dazzling as compared to a diamond.

The fire:

Since moissanite is colorless the light that passes through it is twice the amount of what passes through a diamond. This is known as fire and this stone has more fire than a usual diamond. Now do you realize that buying this means having a piece of jewelry that is million times better looking than a diamond?

The stunning mystery:

A moissanite is truly out of this world. Since it originated from a meteorite, it has a piece of heaven in it as we would like to put it. Perhaps a star fallen from the sky. This adds a certain element of mystery to the wearer and makes any outfit look even more fabulous when teamed with jewelry made out of this stone.

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