Tanzanite – A Rare Asset To Possess

Tanzania, the land of awe-inspiring Serengeti with its abundant wildlife and the magnificent Mt. Kilimanjaro is also the home of the rare and exotic Tanzanite. It’s rare because it is found exclusively in an area that covers just few kilometers between Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Olduvai Gorge.

Having a piece of jewelry studded with such an exceptional stone is a prized possession. The extraordinary properties of transparency, high clarity and trichroism make it an instant hit. This symbol of Tanzanian night can effectively complement your beauty and grace.

Its deep blue hue lends an impression of a Kashmir sapphire. When set in platinum combined with diamond, tanzanite makes a beautiful engagement ring. If you are a December born, a tanzanite ring will surely delight you as a birthstone.


Imagine a ring sparkling with multiple hues all equally brilliant and stunning! A tanzanite engagement ring is one such ring where deep blue, purple and bronze play with light. When its natural light the ring will sparkle blue and when it’s incandescent light it turns to purple.


This playful feature of tanzanite ring holds the happy, joyous, intense and romantic sides with the same élan. When it’s bold, emerald cut and combined with diamonds tanzanite expresses the lavish and trendy side of you. And when studded in classic three stone ring, it says you are simple and equally elegant. Even if your choice is vintage fashion then also tanzanite boosts your beauty in the same imperial style.

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