Reasons to Love Spring

The beautiful season of daffodils, barbeque parties, bare legs and bright colors is finally here. In honor of the official start of spring, we are counting some of the best things about this awe-inspiring warm-weather time of the year.


· Days are longer and daylight saving time is in full effect. We feel more energetic and productive.


· Temperature is rising. We are happy we can put on our favorite shorts. Oh yes, our closet will have bright hues and chic spring outfits.

· Flowers everywhere. Flowers are one of the best parts of spring. You can see them filling the fields, they are also on bed sheets, curtains, dresses, and even in your accessory box,(we are pointing those flower motif pendants most girls love).


· Are you ready to drive with your window open? Well, we are. A convertible is probably a better option.

· Festivals and food – surely they define spring perfectly. St. Patty’s Day is over but we still have more to come. Food festivals, music festivals, craft festivals… there is always something happening.


· Have you renewed your gym membership? We haven’t. It is time for outside workouts with queuing up a perfect playlist. So get into your shoes and go for a long run.

· Waking up early is a pleasure now. At least for us, it is a delight. What about you?

· It is time to show off your inner fashionsita. Shop for sundresses, sandals and sunglasses. Oh, enjoy your weekly pedicures and manicures.


· It is time for some spring-cleaning as well. So de-clutter and make room for season’s It-bag and jewelry.

· How about an evening walk in your flip-flops? It is what we miss the most about spring. Of course, gardening is another one.


· Spring and summer weddings have something special. Picturesque outdoors, BBQ party and country music make a wedding so memorable.

How would you love to relate spring with? Share with us because we love to know everything spring.

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