Best Jewelry Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Gemstone jewelry is a very colorful and dazzling choice for those who love their lives to be filled with vibrant hues of rainbow. Pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, white, black etc gemstones have almost every color of spectrum. If you like to fill some of these colors to your Valentine’s Day style or think of adding the sparkle of these charming stones to your proposal, then check out these best jewelry ideas for a radiant and colorful Valentine’s Day.

Colorful heart jewelry: heart symbolizes rhythm of life. It is the part of body where feelings breathe and emotions cultivate. Therefore, presenting jewelry shaped like a heart is the most wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. A sapphire and diamond double hearts pendant in white gold shows eternal love, strong bonding, timeless shine of a faithful, sincere and committed relation. A heart shaped emerald ring with a hint of diamond set in yellow gold reflects blissful, naturally growing, romantic relation. And a pair of diamond and ruby earrings signifies the admiration, passion and love. It says that you respect and admire the true beauty of your partner.

Solitaire style jewelry: solitaire diamond rings have been a part of romantic expression for times immemorial. But it’s not just the rings; every piece of jewelry in solitaire style has its own expression. A solitaire round emerald pendant signifies that the spring of your sentiments will always be with her and there will be no end to your growing love. A solitaire signature sapphire ring prong set in white gold will tell your partner that she is the most precious asset of your life and her presence in your life makes you feel like you are in heaven. Similarly solitaire studs are there to show that there is no comparison of her grace, beauty and elegance and your feelings for her are unmatched.

Charm jewelry: whether a diamond dangling in the center of a ruby charmed circle or a key tanzanite pendant with old world design, charm jewelry has its own style of expression. Charms are generally different symbols associated with different attributes of five elements of life. They symbolize the deep feelings of heart through various figures and images. Stars, moon, animals, geometric figures are few examples of charms. You can bring her a piece of charm jewelry studded with precious gemstones to show her your brimming emotions. The colorful and luminous world of gemstone jewelry has much to make your Valentine’s Day a larger than life event. Open your heart to them with lots of colors and sparkles and enjoy the exciting blissful expressions of her.

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