Opal Gemstone and Facts About it

Opal Jewelry CollectionOpal is a beautiful gemstone that allures our hearts and it is due to this charm that the famous celebrities like Jenna Dewan flaunt it in their jewelry. Shakespeare, the famous poet called it ‘The queen of gems’, and he was correct in saying so as this gem has created its own niche in the gemstone kingdom. Let us read some interesting facts about this gem:

1) The word Opal is derived from a Latin word ‘Opalus’ which means a stone.

2) It is the birthstone of the month of October.

3) It is the gemstone for the 14th and the 18th year of the wedding.

4) It is also the gemstone for the zodiac sign Libra.

5) Opal is said to bring hope, purity, innocence, truthfulness, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence to the wearer.

6) Its hardness varies from stone to stone, but in general it ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

7) Opal is found in a number of colors, but most commonly, it is found in the white color, which displays a number of rainbow colors, depending on the angle from which it is viewed. The more the colors displayed by an opal, the more valuable stone is.

8) Australia is the country which is most popular for opals. It is the world’s largest supplier of this unique gem. It supplies 97% of the total opals of the world.

9) It is interesting to know that in 2008, NASA announced the discovery of opals on Mars as well. Most of the people were excited to know that the gems are found on other planets as well.

10) Black opal is very rare and much valuable than the other opals.

11) Like all other gems, opal is graded by its color, clarity, cut and carat.

12) There are four major types of opals- Black, boulder, crystal and white.

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