Let us know the Gemstones

The gemstones that we wear in our jewelry on daily basis are a lot more than we think of them. They not only adorn our jewelry and give them attractive appearance, but also have so many mystical properties and healing powers which are not known to many of us. Let us discuss a few popular gems and their unique qualities-

Beautiful Ruby Rings
This is red colored gem and people associate it with the blood and believe that it helps in regulating the blood pressure and also helps in strengthening the muscles of the heart. Besides this, people also believe that it helps to cut off the negative energy from the wearer and provide him/her with the positive energies.


Emerald wedding band and Engagement Rings

This green colored stone is generally associated with love as people believe that it is the sacred stone of Venus, the goddess of love. This is the reason why people like it to be studded to their wedding bands and rings. It is said that it bestows love and luck on the wearer. In some cultures it is strongly believed that it can help in ailments related to the eye.


Sapphire Engagement Rings

This is a very popular gemstone and is available in a number of colors like blue, pink, orange, yellow etc. This is a very hard stone, next only to the diamonds and hence people like it in their jewelry. Sapphire engagement rings are gaining a high popularity. The sapphire in blue color is said to protect the wearer from evil and it is also believed to help strengthen the nervous system of the one who wears it regularly.

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