Let Us Know the Gemstones

There can be no woman in this whole world whose heart won’t melt at the sight of a glistening piece of gemstone jewelry. Indeed, they are very attractive and irresistibly beautiful. They have been adorning us since times immemorial. But, do we stop and think that these gemstones can be of various other uses as well, besides just enhancing our jewelry? Let us read about three of the most popular gems and their properties & powers-


Sapphire Jewelry to steal her heart!

This stone is extensively used in jewelry and though it is available in a number of colors as pink, yellow, orange, etc, yet the most popular and loved color remains the blue since long. These days the interest of people is certainly getting inclined towards pink color as well. The stone is said to protect the wearer against harm and injury. In ancient India, it was believed that if blue sapphire is worn as a talisman, then it will protect the wearer against evil spirits. Lady Diana is well known for her blue sapphire love and her sapphire engagement ring happens to be one of the most talked about rings of the world.


Emerald Gemstone Jewelry on Pinterest


It is interesting to know that people believe it as a sacred stone of ‘Venus’, the goddess of love and hence emerald ring makes a perfect engagement ring. Emerald jewelry can also be a fantastic birthday gift  for the ones born in May as it is their birthstone. This green hued stone is considered to bring love and luck to the life of the wearer. Famous Hollywood actress Halle Berry chose it for her engagement ring.


Jessica Simpson Ruby Engagement Ring

The fiery red color of this gem reminds us of the velvety color of the roses. This gem is loved in all kinds of jewelry and some people believe that it is associated with blood and improves its circulation. It is also believed that it helps one to get rid of negative energies. The Simpson sisters (Jessica and Ashlee) choose this gem for their engagement rings.

These are the most popularly used gemstones and their mystical powers and healing properties. It is completely a personal choice if one believes in them or not. But, one thing is sure that whether you choose gemstone jewelry for their beauty or for their said powers, they will never fail to add charm to your personality.

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