Know your gemstones before wearing them

It is human nature to endow objects with meaning. It gives us a sense of purpose. Since the beginning of human civilization, gemstones have been used to symbolize different traits and virtues. Like flowers, each gemstone has a different meaning associated with it and hence different gemstones are advocated for different people, depending upon their star signs. Knowing which stone symbolizes what meaning is very important, not only for a jewelry designer or an astrologer, but also if you intend to gift someone with a gemstone set.

Emerald: The selected color for this year’s Pantone color scheme, emerald signifies fertility and hope. This verdant stone is a symbol of life and vibrancy.


Jasper: This stone is believed to have healing powers and helps in relaxation and de-stressing. It is associated with contentment and recreation.

Loose Jasper Beads Necklace

Onyx: This beautiful gemstone which figures quite prominently in Egyptian culture is said to reflect all negativity and is hence, used as a protection stone.

Emerald Cut Black Onyx and White Sapphire Ring

Ruby: This is the ‘King of gemstones’, in terms of symbolism. The selected stone of the royals, ruby symbolizes love, vitality and protection from bad fortune. Ruby is a great gift for engagement or marriage. It marks openness of heart and compassion for your loved one.


Sapphire: The blue stone is a sign of peace and happiness and is said to bring clarity, intuition and inspiration for the wearer.


Topaz: Helps in reducing stress and fighting mood swings. It also helps in controlling anger and diverts their energies into fruitful thinking and activities.

Loose Blue Topaz Rough

Diamond: A symbol of the rich and powerful for a long time, it is worn by a lot of people for protection from toxins and amplifying the strengths of other gems. This gemstone, from time immemorial has been a sign of strength, eternity and clarity.


Agate: This is the protection stone and helps the wearer guard himself against negative energy. It helps in revitalizing one’s moods and reenergizing the spirit.


Amethyst: For a very long time, amethyst has been the sign of sobriety and has helped thousands deal with their addictions of alcohol, food and drugs. This stone helps in calming the nerves and giving a sense of purpose and clarity of thought to the wearer.

pear-amethyst-and-round-diamond-cross-shank-ring emerald-cut-amethyst-and-diamond-border-pendant pear-square-amethyst-and-diamond-dangle-earrings

Pearls: Associated with the deep seas, pearls are thought to be the tears of the ocean. These tiny drops of the sea have calming properties and are worn to relax the nerves and combat anger and frustration.

Round Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Hoop Earrings Round Akoya Pearl and Diamond Necklace Christmas Gift Round Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Ring

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