Glamorous Moissanite Rings


Have you ever wondered about what can be a glittering alternative to diamond rings; which display same luster but is much lesser in price? May be you will have some options in mind but are they as shiny and brilliant as diamonds? Will they look as stunning in rings as diamonds do? The answer is uncertain, and hence today we will talk about the lesser known stone and that is moissanite.

This gem is enjoying an increasing popularity due to its luster and affordable price. The most interesting thing is it is also a hard stone and can be cut in almost all the popular and most used shapes. This makes it easy to design the rings similar as the diamond rings. The most loved three stone moissanite rings can be made in two options. You can choose to put all the three moissanite stones or can use it as the center stone flanked by a diamond on each side. Not only this, but it can also be easily combined with colored gems as ruby, sapphire, emerald etc. This kind of moissanite-gemstone three stone ring will be as elegant as the diamond-gemstone ring.

Likewise, you can opt for other designs as well like solitaire rings, eternity bands, journey rings etc and the rings will exhibit the same glamour as diamonds. This way it will be a cost effective way to flaunt the sparkling rings.

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