Facts About Citrine Gemstone

The juicy yellow color of the citrine is enough to move the hearts of the onlookers. It never fails to adorn our jewelry and we all love this gemstone passionately, not only because of its mesmerizing color, but for its affordable price range as well.

There are various facts and figures associated with the citrine gemstone. Let us have a look at them:

1) Its name is derived from a French word ‘Citron’ meaning lemon, which happens to be the color of this gem.

2) It is the gemstone for the 14th year of wedding anniversary.

3) It is an alternate gemstones for the ones born in December.

4) Its hue may range from pale yellow to the bright dark yellow. The ones with deeper yellow color with a tint of red are more valuable gems.

5) A citrine stone with a fine cut is difficult to be distinguished from a yellow topaz with naked eye. The stones will have to go under special instruments to let out the difference.

6) Citrine is found at many places in the world, yet Brazil continues to be the leading source of the same.

7) This gem can be cut in almost all the known cuts, yet the round brilliants and the ovals are the most popular ones.

8) It is the gem for the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

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