What’s Hot in Gemstone Jewelry

Vibrant and full of color and life, gemstone jewelry has always been hot and sought after. To pinpoint and say what specifically is in demand is a tough one, for every gemstone is unique in its look and appeal. While some may consider a specific variety as hot and fashionable to others something else may seem more alluring. But one thing is for certain sapphires, rubies and emeralds are and will always remain the hottest gemstone jewelry trends ever. 

Trillion-Sapphire-Deep-Blue-1.77-cts._SAT0872_Reg Sapphire, the enigmatic blue stone, rightly called the ‘gemstone of the heavens’ is definitely the most sought after stone when it comes to gemstone jewelry. Whether sapphire rings, sapphire earrings or sapphire pendants, these stones have a look of their own that complements most wardrobes and styles. Whatever the color of sapphire, whether light, medium or dark blue, women find every good reason to keep increasing their sapphire jewelry collection. Whether plain sapphire jewelry or sapphires in combination with sparkling diamonds, these stones always stand apart and create the hottest jewelry trends ever. 

Round-Ruby-and-Pave-Diamond-Border-Ring-in-14k-White-Gold-(6-mm)_SRW0366RB_RegRubies and their rich red color is what, if not hot! The grandeur of rubies is not to be underestimated. These ravishing red stones speak volumes for themselves. Rubies can never be ruled out from the fashion circuits, besides the color of the stones are such that simply cannot be denied attention. Ruby jewelry in every possible form, from ruby earrings, ruby rings to ruby pendants and bracelets have a regal appeal that is simply irresistible. For centuries rubies have been at the helm of fashion and have lived up to this reputation till date, remaining one of the hottest gemstones that ever existed. 

Emerald-Interlinked-Trillion-Pendant-in-14k-Yellow-Gold-(1.5-mm)_APY0458_Small Emeralds, the evergreen stones, depicting youthfulness and sheer beauty are also setting hot new trends in jewelry. The interesting fact here is emeralds have always remained highly fashionable in jewelry, so much so that the epitome of beauty and sensuality, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt loved to adorn her beautiful being with emeralds. Even today emeralds set scorching hot jewelry trends, whether emerald rings, emerald earrings or emerald pendants. It is the color of emeralds that fascinates most people and whether emeralds alone or with dazzling diamonds, when set in jewelry creates some outstanding pieces that set new fashion trends that are not to be missed.

So in a nutshell we can say the three most beautiful and gorgeous stones are setting the hot new trends in the jewelry and fashion world and these are none other than our seductive sapphires, radiant rubies and exquisite emeralds.

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