III. Gemstone Jewelry Trends in 2010

Gemstone Earrings Trends in 2010

Blue-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Channel-Set-Hoop-Earrings-in-14K-White-Gold-(2-mm)_AEW0477_Small#1. Hoop Earrings – Hoop earrings have emerged as a hot favorite this season. They are sleek, they are sharp and they will beautifully complement your all kinds of outfits. Small hoop earrings make great daily wear; they would work with your office wear as well as casuals. Big hoop earrings are reining the fashion world. Whatever be the occasion, you can always count on them for that dressy look.


Cushion-and-Pear-Emerald-Dangling-Earrings-in-14k-Yellow-Gold-(3-mm-7X5-mm)_SEY0640E_Small#2. Dangling Earrings – Dangling earrings are a great way to add a subtle length to your face. The best part is that these long earrings work with all face types. Here, it would not be inappropriate to mention the journey earrings, which have become quite a sensation these days. Journey earrings have a continuous series of gemstones and they signify the journeys that each of us endures.


Ruby-and-Diamond-Chandelier-Earrings-in-14K-White-Gold-(4X3-mm-3.5-mm-2-mm)_AEW0464R_Small#3. Chandelier Earrings – Chandelier earrings might come in the same category as dangling earrings but I think they need a special mention as they are one of a kind. These earrings are long, usually ornate and have multiple levels of decorations. These earrings can dazzle up any dress that you wear them with. Perfect if you want to love some attention!

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