II. Gemstone Jewelry Trends in 2010

Gemstone Pendants in 2010

Solitaire Emerald Pendant#1. Solitaire Gemstone Pendants – There might few other contenders as well for this position. And, I might be a bit biased towards solitaire gemstone pendant, but I have facts to support my implication. For one, if you love gemstones as much as I do, then you would have to agree that nothing better describes the beauty of a gem better than solitaire jewelry. Two, whatever is the occasion a solitaire gemstone pendant is never out of place. Last and definitely not the least, solitaire gemstone jewelry reigns at the red carpet. So wear your solitaire pendant, and the world shall notice it. 

Blue Sapphire Key Pendant#2. Key Pendants – Back to the latest trend, the second spot is taken by the Tiffany inspired key pendants. Key pendants are unique, they are unconventional yet they are very classy. Key pendants would work with your formal business wear as well as casual jeans and tee. There could be no better way of carrying the key to your heart on your sleeve.


Ruby Cross Pendant#3. Cross Pendants – Cross is undoubtedly one of the oldest religious symbols; the symbol of Christianity. The Cross pendants are greatly loved by all age groups which makes them a perfect choice for gift. What’s fascinating is the range of people you would see wearing this, from your grandma to your niece, rockstars, politicians, office goers, party lovers, just about everyone wears for their own respective reasons. A reason enough to place at the third spot!

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