I. Gemstone Jewelry Trends in 2010

Trends in Gemstone Rings in 2010

#1.Daily WearEmerald Soliltaire Ring with Curved Shank

Solitaire Gemstone Ring – Mid size solitaire gemstone rings are a classic and still are very much in fashion. These rings make great daily wear. They would complement your business suit as well as your semi formals. You could choose from the wide range of available gemstones and also the stone shape and size and give the ring your personal touch.

#2. Party WearDiamond Ruby Cocktail Ring

Cocktail Rings – Cocktail Rings are oversized gemstone rings. These rings could have either a  dramatically large gemstone or a cluster of gemstones that make the whole ring big. Cocktail rings whose trend started in late 1950s in the US are very much back this season. Big Rings are great way to accessorize your outfit. They add a stunning touch of color and sparkle to your wardrobe. Ideally worn in the fourth finger of the right hand, these rings are sure to make the glances follow.

#3. Engagement RingBlue Sapphire Three Stone Ring

Three Stone Ring – Diamond solitaire rings were believed to be the classic engagement rings. However, since past few years, three stone rings, given their underlying meaning and suave style are much loved as engagement rings. Each of the three stones in this ring represent a couple’s past, present and future together. Just about everything that a girl can wish for on her engagement!

#4. Wedding RingRuby and Diamond Eternity Band

Eternity Band – Eternity bands are much loved as wedding bands by all women. The gradual series of  diamonds or gemstone stand for undying love, eternity and continuity. Great way to show your love to the most special person in your life; these rings are subtle as well as versatile, making them perfect choice for wedding rings.

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