How to choose daily wear jewelry?

Jewelry is a thing of beauty and great desire. It can be used to glorify your presence at celebrations and evening outing or could be used to impart class and sophistication to your daily attire. Every women loves to posses’ jewelry. For them is not merely a form of ornamentation but they relate to it in many ways. In addition to this jewelry tells a lot about your personality and who you are. Similarly different types and patterns of jewelry could be used to provide different looks and makeovers. Same as your cloths it is important to choose your jewelry right.

Wear what gels your personality:

Ruby-and-Diamond-Border-Flower-Pendant-in-14k-Yellow-Gold-(1.9-ct.-tw.)_VPY0101R_Reg What’s more important than following the fashion blindly is choosing what suits you or gels fairly with your personality. This is especially true for the jewelry for daily wear. Not everybody can carry glitter and shimmer of highly lustrous jewelry in every day wear designs on the other hand simple subtle jewelry might not be enough for everyone. For instance some women look stunning in danglers while others feel a bit overdressed wearing danglers as everyday wear. Same goes for necklaces. While large beaded and colorful necklaces are a statement of everyday elegance for one others may like small solitaire pendants.

Comfort and wear ability:

Because your daily wear jewelry is something you would carry 24/7 pay give enough regards wearability and comfort level rather than getting carried away by eye appeal. Weight is the first thing to consider. Light weight jewelry is not only comfortable to carry but it doesn’t require to be taken off frequently either. Next thing to take care is setting. It should not have any sharp edges and defective sets that are likely to interfere with your clothes and irritate your skin. Emerald-Cut-Ruby-and-Diamond-Border-Pendant-in-14k-White-Gold-(8x6-mm)_SPW0565RB_Reg


Durability is a very important factor for daily wear jewelry. Consider the type of professions you are in or type of work you do everyday. This would answer how durable your jewelry should be depending upon what it has to stand everyday. This does not only relate to the precious metal but also the gemstone. Some stone are softer and more prone to cracks. So it wise to select jewelry that can resist your daily wear challenges. Even if you buy jewelry that needs regular care and proper handling make sure you have time and dedication to do it regularly or else your investment may not be fruitful?

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