Emily Maynard Caught Cheating Fiancé – True or False!

The ‘Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard’s pretty big diamond engagement ring from fiancé Jef Holm was a stunning sparkle. In fact the $150,000 all diamond piece was the biggest in the entire history of Bachelor and Bachelorette.

Emily Maynard’s Diamond Engagement Ring Worth $150,000

But as we’ve heard the rumors about the splitting of the two, we would suggest the couple to choose sapphire or ruby for their wedding bands.

Emily Maynard Was Caught Cheating, Jef Holm's Brother Confirms

Oh! Let’s recap the story. In a recent report in the latest edition of Us Weekly, Jef Holm’s brother Mike Holm stated that during the family vacationing in South Carolina Emily caught cheating Jef when he found explicit messages and photos on her number sent by some other man. This transformed into a fierce fight and split between the couple.

Emily told to E! News that the allegations are ‘fabricated and not true

To contradict the news, Jef twitted indirectly, “It’s crazy what people will do, even family members, to see them on magazine.” And Emily’s closed sources told to E! News that the allegations are ‘fabricated and not true.’

Alright, so we have this news or rather rumor that cleared the relevance of a helping gem for an even stronger committed relationship.

Emily Diamond Engagement RingCushion Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Emily already has diamonds in favor that states a long radiant and strong bonding. Now if they’ll choose ruby or sapphire for wedding, it would bring more celestial grace for the couple.

 The Svelte Wedding Band

Ruby stands for love, romance, protection and wisdom that mean with a ruby band they would be able to protect the relation wisely.

Cushion Sapphire Vintage Ring

Sapphire represents heavenly grace, prosperity, faithfulness and timeless strength, so it would also be thoughtful for a spiritual piece like wedding rings.

If you also wish to protect your love and relationship from evil eyes, choose either of these precious gems for a protective and colorful life.

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