Mary Elizabeth Winstead promotes her new movie in retro style

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is popular for her many roles in horror movies such as Monster Island, The Ring Two, and Black Christmas. She was also seen in many other kinds of movies including Sky High, Make it Happen, Die Hard 4.

This 25 year old actress will soon be seen

as the leading lady in a comic book film Scott Pilgrim v/s The World. Winstead was recently seen fulfilling her promotional duties as the movie’s Hollywood Premier. The movie is a Comic Action where Michael Cera is playing the role of Scott Pilgrim who must defeat his new girlfriend seven evil exes to win her heart.

The actress was sporting a retro look with her red halter dress which she beautifully complemented with her classic pair of emerald solitaire stud earrings, dramatic eye make up and retro curls.

Wishing all the very best for her new movie we hope that she remains as stylish always.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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