Color me Green

If you are a nature lover, love the greenery all around you, the gardens, the trees, the forests, emeralds are the perfect gemstones for you. These gemstones offer the most radiant, the most intense green that nature has to offer. Emeralds that are bestowed with such a stunning hue are regarded as one of the most beautiful gifts of nature.

emerald pendantColor is the first thing one notices about these gems and probably that is why even their name is synonymous to green gemstone. Emeralds are the birthstones for May and anniversary stones for 20 and 35 years of marriage. The green color of these gems is symbolic of peace, wisdom, healing, nature, rebirth, spring and good luck.

Wearing emerald jewelry is great way to make a statement of being environmentally aware. A need of the hour, and a great way of telling everyone that you are doing your bit. Emerald jewelry is a classic and goes with all kinds of attire. Thus it probably could not get any better. When you can be stylish with a cause.

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