Do You Think She has The Charms and Sparkle of Liz Taylor?

All the skeptics who thought it would never happen have been silenced as Lindsay Lohan was photographed trying out some of the costumes that have been inspired by screen legend Elizabeth Taylor. Lohan as we all know will not just adorn Taylors but also her gemstone jewelry as she is slated to play Taylor in the upcoming biopic Liz And Dick. Do you think Lohan can really light up the magic of Taylor’s emeralds and ruby?

Elizabeth Taylor in Red Dress with Ruby EarringsElizabeth Taylor

Square Emerald Cut Ruby and Diamond Border Ring in PlatinumEmerald Cut Pear Ruby and Diamond Earrings

For Lohan it is going to be the first role as a leading lady part after her Labor Pains flopped miserably in 2009. Though many detractors have dubbed LiLo is not the right choice for the role but sources have said that she has not only bagged the role but even enjoys the final nod on all wardrobe decisions and this means that she will enjoy a better control over her appearance in this flick.

Here are some of the famous legendary dresses and LiLo’s take on each. The first one is the emerald dress that Liz wore along with the white fur wrap, half a century ago in 1950s.Do you think that it really evokes the same starry quality of the legend. With the black wig missing it is definitely a little difficult to figure out. Don’t you agree that LiLo will have to sport dark hair if she wants to step in the shows of the icon?

In this aquamarine dress LiLo is trying to recreate a famous snapshot of Elizabeth as a teen. Some sources close to her say that LiLo has been ‘obsessing’ with ‘getting into the Hollywood legend’s head’.

Elizabeth Taylor in Green Color DressElizabeth Taylor's with Aquamarine Dress

This next one in red is supposedly alluding to Valentino dress Liz once wore. What is your take do you think that Lohan will be able to do justice to the role assigned to her, though speaking of her role, she had said that she has always admired and respected for Elizabeth Taylor. She (Taylor) was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman also she added and so she very honoured to have been asked to play this role.

The television movie, which will feature on the Lifetime Network, will be a real account of the love story of Hollywood legend and her fifth husband, Richard Burton. It may be a treat to watch as their relationship was considered scandalous way back in 1960s as they were both already married when they embarked on their affair.

The Network have not even announced the director for the June shoot and not just the dresses Lohan even has her say on the actor to be cast opposite her in the film. Sources say that Gossip Girl actor Matthew Settle along with Craig Robert Young and Sean Maguire had auditioned for the role but Lohan has reportedly nixed those choices after viewing their audition tapes.

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