Inexpensive and gorgeous gemstones

The four names, diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire excel the list of gemstones, both in price and appeal. Of course, they are the rewarding charms that have been valued since ages, by aristocrats and luminaries. Many of you live with this belief that elegant and dazzling gemstones cost thousands of dollars. But it isn’t true; there is a beautiful gemstone world beyond these four sparklers. There are many semi-precious stones that look stunning and are very affordable. Stones like garnet, amethyst, peridot, aquamarine, citrine, topaz, tourmaline, opal are some of the budget-savvy pickups. All you have to do is choose from this wide range of enchanting gemstones.

Organic Gemstones Jewelry

Let’s begin with Garnet; it is a deep red variety that is considered a stone of love and passion. Its blood red color gives a royal appeal like rubies, and greatly mesmerizes  all eyes. Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January and has been the choice of many divas like Kate Beckinsale, Emma Stones, Miley Cyrus.  There is also a striking purple stone called amethyst that many February-born celebrities, namely Kate Perry, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Garner, and others have worn in various galas.  Amethyst is regarded as a wisdom gemstone that keeps the wearer free from negative thoughts. It gives a perfect boho-feel.

Celbrities Gemstone Jewelry

Olive-green Peridot is another pleasing gemstone that is loved by people born in August as their birthstone. In fact, peridot is a choice of many non-August-born as it exhibits a stylish, elegant and chic appearance. The soothing green of peridot is the color of summers and believed to cure many health problems. The stone is an excellent confidence and energy booster. Also, an extremely loved canary gemstone is known as Citrine. Its yellow hue is very refreshing and energizing. Citrine, having powers of the sun, is recognized as the birthstone of November and comes in different shades like sunny yellow, lemon yellow, golden yellow and others. The best part about choosing a citrine is that it is inexpensive in its natural form.

Peridot & Citrine birthstone
There are many other varieties like Topaz, Tourmaline, Opal, etc. which are quite cost-effective and look trendy. Thus, affordability with splendor can be achieved and donned with this lovely variety of gemstones.

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