Types of Crosses and Cross Pendants

At the very heart of Christianity is a cross symbol. A cross has been a representation of the instrument of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is the best known religious symbol of Christianity. There have been hundreds of crosses each representing a symbol behind it.

Cross Pendants

Additionally, these crosses have received a higher degree of modern essence to fit in every style era. Today, crosses are a symbol of faith with a twist of contemporary touch.

While this article will explain the history of various crosses, it will also introduce you to the artistic and stylistic elements of the present day crosses.

Budded Cross:

Budded Cross PendantRound-Diamond-Milgrain-Cross-Pendant

Also known as the Apostles Cross, Cathedral Cross or Trefoil Cross, it is a Latin cross with three pronged buds on each end cap. The end caps must contain three prongs as they represent the trinity of god. There could be numerous designer options for a budded cross.

Orthodox Cross:

Orthodox Cross NecklaceRound-Diamond-Designer-Cross-Pendant

It has originated from Eastern Europe and Greece. There are quite a few styles of orthodox cross but the basic one contains a trefoil bud on the end caps of the cross. Another version of orthodox cross has lines and letters IC XC on them. IC XC represents the name of Jesus Christ in Greek.

Latin Cross:

Kourtney Kardashian Sideways CrossLatin Cross pendant CelebrityRound-Diamond-Cross-Pendant

They are referred to as the traditional Western crosses, Chapel cross or Church cross. By design, these crosses are simple with vertical bar longer than the horizontal bar. The Western Crosses are often non denominational and very popular and it is with these crosses that artisans have added various decorative designs for a contemporary touch.

Celtic Cross:

sarah palin wear Celtic Cross PendantRound Diamond Cross Pendant

The Celts, who were originally pagans, were reluctant to give up their traditional signs and symbols when they were converted to Christianity. To resolve the issue, they created the Christian Crosses in Celtic form which has been widely adopted by Christianity.

Christian Cross Pendants

Today, you could find various cross pendants, bracelets and other type of jewelry with a fusion of traditional symbolism and modern looks. So this Christmas shop for a piece of cross jewelry to enjoy the festival with religiously stylish look.

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