Choose A Celtic Jewelry For Your Loved Ones

Celtic jewelry is as mysterious as the Celts were. Every Celtic design has some hidden meaning. Celtic rings are very popular as wedding rings. But where did the Celtic style come from and what are the special meaning of these designs? Celts were the Indo-European tribal societies in Iron Age and Roman era Europe who spoke Celtic languages. They were well educated on topics like religion, philosophy, geography and astronomy. Along with their wisdom they were also famous for their jewelry especially Celtic knots. Celtic knots or interlace are complete loops with no beginning or end.

In the due course of time Celtic designs have been evolved into a trendy and hefty jewelry but it still contains its own special meaning. Celtic designs express desire, devotion, dreams, expectation, exploration, harmony, wisdom, love, life, sensitivity and much more. Being such a good messenger, Celtic jewelry is highly preferred as engagement and wedding rings and makes a great gift for different occasions. They are also used to denote one’s personality or special attributes.

When combined with gemstones, the Celtic symbols become more expressive. Like a Celtic knot pendant with emeralds denotes balance, never ending growth and peace.


A Love Celtic ring studded with a diamond set in gold express love, devotion, tenderness, strong commitment and a glittery life. Similarly a Unity Celtic ring says oneness and when it is studded with sapphire it express loyalty and understanding.


Christian influence on Celtic art can also be seen in different jewelry styles. Key pendants are one of them. A key pendant conveys the expression of exploration and protection. So when you give a key pendant to someone it means the key to your heart is with them and you want them to protect it forever and ever.

The wide range of Celtic jewelry studded with gemstones is available for you to pick your desired expression for your loved ones.

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