Trend Alert: Oscar Jewelry 2015

“Here’s to strong women, May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them.” The Oscars 2015 made us raise a toast to the most glamorous starlets of Hollywood. Oscars is a glorious award ceremony, which further predominates with the most impressive and stately appearances of stars.


Sometimes it is the awards that stick you to the screen while other times, shimmering gowns and classy jewelry that steal the spotlight. This year’s Oscars rolled in with embellishments. The night extensively italicized a single accessory, i.e. statement necklaces. Oversized and one-of-a-kind neckpieces were indeed a big hit on the Oscars red carpet. Celebrities went from bold to bolder this time. Striking as ever, there was immense sparkle and color added to the night.

Here is a roundup of all those striking wampum that took over the red carpet of 87th Annual Academy Awards 2015.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie at oscars 2015

She remarked it to be priceless and worth more than her life. Margot was overwhelmed and apprehensive about her neck charm that brought out the best in yellow gold, diamonds, and sapphires. Certainly, it was a phenomenal bling starring a bevy of blushing blue beads that suspended from a thick gold string. It was worth 1.5 million dollars.

Scarlett Johansson


All green from head to toe, Johansson stirred the show with a massive mix of emerald beads that rested on her neckline. Though seemed a part of her dress, this bib necklace perfectly presented the supremacy of the wearer.

Cate Blanchett


One of the best contrasts ever seen! Cate Blancett is the best example of sophistication and innovation when it comes to dressing, accessorizing and of course, acting. She coordinated her plain black floor length gown with the ocean blue grains of turquoise fashioned well with platinum, diamonds and aquamarines. It was a grand statement though.

Laura Dern


Laura Dern arrived in a shimmering black and silver strapless gown with a way hairdo almost covering her left eye and a chic Bulgari necklace. A bit of metallic, her bauble appeared bearing few blue and pale white beads surrounding the center symbolic piece.

Viola Davis


Pearls are a choice of elegant and tasteful women. Viola Divas was one such star on the Oscars red carpet as she donned a classic multi-tier pearl and gold necklace.

Anna Kendrick


Beautifully pleated inside her peach gown, Anna showcased the brilliance of diamonds in the form of a four-layered collar neckpiece. She was a real sweetie to watch as she gave acute looks in the camera.

Zoe Saldana


With a feminine hair bun, Zoe Saldana waved around in a classy and ladylike diamond necklace. It was a standout from the customary diamond bling as differing sizes of diamonds suspended in pear shapes from a bowlike strand of sparklers.

Carmen Ejogo


Diamond jewelry played wonderfully and extensively at the Oscars. We could witness from the exclusive stunner of Carmen Ejogo, which gleamed her neckline. The design and style is worth acknowledging, comprising three levels of shining white sparklers; the last one having pear dangles. The most noteworthy and unique feature of Carmen’s necklace is wiry contours that connect the three tiers.

Faith Hill


Radiant as her face and soulful as her singing, this country singer turned heads towards her dazzling attire and extended diamond necklace. Faith’s bling traversed the whole length of her plunging neckline.

Jessica Chastain

Sticking to diamonds, Jessica’s necklace was as glittery as her little black dress. It was a perfect fusion of black and white sparkles.


Whether oversized or delicate, what style necklaces you love the most? Tell us your favorite jewelry from the Oscars 2015, which you are going to embrace this year.

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