Red Carpet: Ten Most Expensive Jewels

Just like celebrities want to be prominent in the horde of thousands, they love flaunting their opulence on the red carpet. Jewelry is one such way to show off their belongings and personal stratum in the public and among their industry competitors.

Red Carpet Ten Most Expensive Jewels

The jewels that these stars don are sometimes so very expensive that they need proper securities to guard not them, but the jewelry they are wearing. Knowing who wears what is quite interesting, but realizing the actual cost that has been spent on the bling is much more fun. Here are ten most pricey and classy jewelry ever seen on the red carpet, starting from the least and moving on to the highest. You will be thrilled to see the peak amount (there is nothing less than three million dollars). Much of the jewelry hails from the designer, Harry Winston’s collection.

Resse Witherspoon in Golden Globe Awards 2014

10. $3.7 million: Ah! This is a very huge figure, which is actually on the last of the top-ten list. Amazing it is, and more wonderful was Resse Witherspoon in Golden Globe Awards 2014. Although she was dressed up in a plain greenish-blue gown, her jewelry was estimated to be $3.7 million, which comprised a 10-carat emerald-cut diamond ring, stacked diamond bracelets, and a dainty pair of sparkling stud earrings.

Charlize Theron – $4.5 million

9. $4.5 million: For a mediocre coming from a decent family, this amount is a way too ample to lead a good life; however, our Princess Charlize Theron wore precious diamond jewelry worth $4.5 million at Oscars 2013. Her appearance, in all, was so tidy and shining that it took away many hearts in a fashionable white dress with such neatly combed hair.

Jennifer Lopez – $5 million

8. $5 million: I don’t think talking about glamour and affluence in the Hollywood industry can ever skip Jennifer Lopez’s name. She amazed the audience at Golden Globes, 2011 with her sharp, shiny white looks. Her gown took over the event along with the diamond galore that she flaunted through her bracelet, ring, earrings, and even her hair accessory. It was a total of $5 million.

Jessica Alba's $6 million Jewelry

7. $6 million: Jessica Alba was the showstopper at the Golden Globes, 2013. She made a stunning arrival in a peach glossy gown with a plunging neckline that elegantly highlighted a $5.8 million diamond beaded necklace borrowed from Mrs. Winston (reference to Harry Winston). Rest of the $.2 million was spent on ring and ear studs.

Nicole Kidman – $7 million jewelry

6. $7 million: ‘Wow! What a flawless beauty’, was the expression of many when they first saw Nicole Kidman at Oscars’ runway, 2008. She was the most stylish and elegant charm of the evening. Nicole appeared in LBD embellished with an intricately-designed layered necklace consisting of countless diamonds worth $7 million.

Sofia Vergara – $7 million jewelry

5. $7 million: One more in the race was the glamorous Sofia Vergara at Emmy 2013. She maintained her stardom by making a statement through a magnificent fusion of sapphire, emerald and ruby in her drop earrings. The cost of $7 million also included two cocktail diamond rings.

Amy Adams – $8 million jewelry

4. $8 million: A pretty red princess, who stole the limelight and won the best actress award at 2014 Golden Globes, was the gorgeous Amy Adams. Not only did she amaze the audience with her dress, but her jewelry was also worth-mentioning. It was an assortment of 30-carat Asscher-cut diamond chain pendant, a diamond ring and cute earrings, which summed up to $8 million.

Anne Hathaway – $10 million jewelry

3. $10 million: Oscars, held in 2011, cherished the hot blush of Anne Hathaway in red attire and shining white charms. A single glaze of diamond in her neck and simple diminutive hanging earrings made a $10 million appearance on the red carpet. She bloomed like a red rose in between the large audience.

Gloria Stuart – $20 million jewelry

2. $20 million: What a dramatic jump, from 10 to a straight 20 million dollars. Who can have shown it better than the time-honored beauty, Gloria Stuart? Her growing age made her look more ravishing with each passing year. She was very fortunate to wear the replica of ‘Heart of the Ocean’ pendant as donned by Kate Winslet, in the movie Titanic. Gloria made second to this list with her $20 million blue sapphire and diamond necklace that she brandished at Oscars, 1998.

Carrie Underwood – $31 million jewelry

1. $31 million: I can never think of seeing such pretty-penny in my dreams even. But Carrie Underwood made it to reality at 2013 Grammy Awards. She arrived in a glittering strapless black mermaid dress paired up with the brilliance of white diamonds settled in her neck. The whole of Carrie was about this necklace; she also remarked ‘It was worth more than me’.


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