Paris Hilton launches perfume and gets sued

paris hilton

Paris Hilton was recently seen celebrating the launch of her tenth fragrance ‘Tease’ at My Studio Nightclub, Hollywood, CA. This perfume came into the market this June. The fragrance celebrates the fascination of Paris Hilton for Marilyn Monroe.

Paris was looking as chic as always. But what caught the breath on this special occasion was her stunning diamond jewelry. Especially her Cartier’s Panther diamond ring which must have been the cause of envy for many.

The ring is from the Panther series of Cartier. The panther ring with its pave set diamonds, emerald eyes and onyx nose blinded everyone who laid his eyes on it.


According to a recent news, Hilton was sued for $35 million for sporting the wrong hair on that special occasion. In 2007, she had signed up with Hairtech International as a part of marketing campaign. Since the celebrity on this special event was spotted with the hair extensions of a rival company, Hairtech International sued the celebrity for its damages and the breach of contract.

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