The Simpson Sisters and Their Ruby love!

Both Ashlee and Jessica look gorgeous and share many common interests. We all know this fact but they have the same taste in gemstone jewelry as well, was revealed as an interesting surprise.

Both the beautiful ladies chose the red rubies for their E-rings. Needless to say, they made a great choice as the fiery red gem is said to be the stone of love. What else could have been the better choice for the engagement ring? Two of them flaunted off their rings proudly. Let us check out the love soaked rings:

Jessica’s Ruby Ring: When the question was about picking up the engagement ring for Jessica, beau Eric Johnson picked up the 3 stone sparkler from Neil lane. It features a large ruby as the center stone. This 5 carat ruby is flanked by two pear shaped diamonds. The 3-stone ring expresses his love for the lady in past, present and the future. Besides all these, the ring is close to Jessica’s heart because ruby is her birthstone and the ring hence, becomes special.

Ashlee’s Ruby Diamond Ring

Ashlee’s Ruby Diamond Ring: The younger sister Ashlee was presented with a Neil Lane ruby ring by Evan Ross. Her ruby and diamond engagement ring is set in platinum and gold. The 5-carat ring has 140 white diamonds. The vintage looking ring is romantic and unique. It perfectly suits the couple and their love!


Ashlee’s Ruby Diamond Ring


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