Tennis Bracelets: Classy Giveaways

I was like ‘What bracelet?????’ when I first heard the name of the bling, which my best friend received on her first wedding anniversary. Although I am a jewelry enthusiast and love enriching my wardrobe with latest and trendy jewels, I wasn’t much aware of tennis bracelets. In fact, I do own one, but never knew what they are termed as.

It is great to see that how a tennis player is so crazy about jewelry. I could relate myself to Chris Evert, world tennis champion, when I came to know that the bracelet is named after an incident at a tennis tournament, the US Open 1987. The history behind says that the clasp of Chris’ diamond bracelet snapped, and the precious crystal pieces fell on the ground while playing a match. As she realized it, she asked the officials for some time to find the scattered diamonds of her much-loved bracelet. This interruption was a real surprise that it received Media’s attention and happened to be news of the day.


Since then, any bracelet that has an inline string consisting of closely-set dainty diamonds is called as tennis bracelet. This is so fascinating to know that how such moments make history.

Be it a party formal or casual outfit, tennis bracelets radiate a classy brilliance. They are indeed a treat to watch, shining with every twist of your wrist. It is the epitome of fabulous fashion and sleek style; extremely comfortable and flexible to wear. With such versatility, tennis bracelets have gained tremendous popularity in giveaways.

Traditionally, the stones employed for designing a tennis bracelet are glittering white diamonds. However, you can find vivid gemstones adding an elevated sparkle to this segment of jewelry. Here are few eye-catching, fashionable tennis bracelets that I saw at lately. When gifted on a special occasion, it will let you see a pleasant smile on your girl’s face.
I personally love the classic one. Which one allures you the most? Share your shopping experience with me.

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