January Birthstone – Garnet

People born in the month of January have for themselves the dark red garnet as their birthstone. Garnet is named thus because of its close correspondence to juicy pomegranate seeds. True, one feels like taking a bite of these juicy deep red grains but it promises to grind your teeth at hardness close to that of diamonds. Legends have it that Noah sought the aid of this stone to light his way through the story nights. Greek legends link garnet to the kidnapping of their goddess of sunshine by Hades who wanted seeds of pomegranate in lieu for her release.


Garnet is linked to properties like devotion, purity, validity and companionship. . This red stone is also said to erase off pessimism, increase alertness and commitment. Like other birthstones, Garnet too has a share of illness that it heals. In addition to amplifying sexuality and lustiness it heals ailment related to blood, lungs, infection and heart. Garnet also comes in different hues of which red predominates. The world was introduced to this gem when it was first mined in Sri Lanka some 2000 years ago. India, Africa, Australia, Russia also has a fair share of this gem.

When you gift someone a garnet, you give them a symbol of love and wanting for a dear ones safe journey and quick arrival. Many historians have found evidences of Garnet being in demand for jewelry items even from Bronze Age. January’s birthstone, which generally is a winter gem, is held in high regards throughout the seasons by the gem lovers with its sagacity and its collection of hues.

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