Pendant in water blue hue

Princess Sibilla's Aquamarine TiaraThe water colored aquamarine gemstone is full of luster and sparkle. It displays beautiful sea colors. Light blue, dark blue, greenish blue are some of the famous colors of this gem. It got its name ‘Aquamarine’ because of its tendency to display these colors.

Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg showed off her love for this majestic gem by wearing the aquamarine studded tiara on her nephew’s royal wedding. She got this tiara in heritage and it belonged to her great grandmother, who was the queen of Spain.

Round Aquamarine Solitaire PendantYou can bring this sparkling blue charm to your jewels as well. Wear the aquamarine gemstone studded jewelry and feel the happiness. The ‘Round Aquamarine Solitaire Pendant’ will fulfill your dream of having an elegant sea colored piece of jewelry.

The best part about this pendant is that you can have this made according to your choice and budget. Choose the quality of the gem – good, better, best and heirloom. You will find the difference in color, clarity and pricein the various qualities. The option to choose the carat weight will decide the size of the gem and the choice in metals will make a change in looks. White metals will leave it looking trendy and the yellow gold will add an interesting color to the pendant. A chain measuring 18 inches will be shipped FREE of cost with this pendant. The chain will be in same metal, which you choose your pendant to be in.

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