Why Aquamarine is Perfect for Women’s Day Gift?

Are you looking for a special gift for Women’s Day or does your beloved has a March birthday? In any case, aquamarine jewelry is a perfect gift.

The calming blue gemstone is the birthstone of March. It has long been associated with good health, love and hope. People even believe that wearing an aquamarine ring or pendant may reawake your marital bliss, increase happiness and help build courage.

Aquamarine jewels is Perfect for Women's Day Gift

With such significance, the gem is appropriate for Women’s Day, a day to honor and celebrate accomplishments of women in every field. However, the beauty of aquamarine is enough to choose it for your special woman, yet we have more reasons to consider the gem as a preferred choice for a gift.

Its Beauty
Aquamarine is a serene, tranquil and majestic stone. Its color is as calming as the nascent spring sky and even though the fields turn colorful in summer, the clear sky during the dawn is blue and beautiful. You can find this beryl in various undertones of sky blue. From deep sea-green blue to pale blue and bright sky blue, every shade of this gem works perfectly with spring and summer wardrobes.

Its Meaning
As explained earlier, aquamarine is a gem of courage, happiness and beauty. It is associated with loyalty and healthy relationship. Wearing aquamarine ring is said to increase awareness and communication skills. It also keeps the wearer stoic and make them more responsive.

Its History
The gem was a sacred stone for ancient Romans. They associated it with Neptune, Roman God of Sea. Sailors in ancient times used to carry the gem foe safe and prosperous voyage. Similarly, Greeks wore amulets carved from aquamarine.

Its Characteristics
Aquamarine is a bluish-green stone from beryl mineral family. In contrast to its sibling emerald, aquamarine has very few inclusions. It is mostly see-through. Smaller stones are often light colored while the intensity of the hue changes from piece to piece. You can easily find transparent greenish-blue to deep-blue aquamarines. Those with clear sky blue shade are most valued.

Its Healing
Wearing aquamarine jewelry is believed to heal ailments of liver, jaws, throat and stomach.

Along with the points mentioned above, the royal association and celebrity love for aquamarine are other reasons of its popularity. From Queen Elizabeth II to Elizabeth Taylor, Jessica Biel and most recently Anna Wintour have seen wearing exceptional aquamarine jewelry.

Whether you are buying it for yourself or wish to surprise a loved one, classic aquamarine rings, pendants and earrings are exceptional. As March is on the door, get you a few aquamarine pieces and welcome the spring in style. Oh, yes! They will be a pleasant surprise for your special lady.

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