Queen Elizabeth’s Aquamarine Love!

Birthstone of the month of March, the Aquamarine gemstone displays unusual ocean colors. Ranging from blue to green to greenish blue, the colors best display the soothing refreshing hue of the waters.

Queen Elizabeth'  world famous parure of aquamarine

It is believed that blue aquamarines are more valuable than the green ones and there is a long list of the famous people who love this gemstone. Queen Elizabeth tops the list of these popular names of ardent lovers of the blue gem. She possessed a world famous parure of aquamarine. Let us read the interesting story of this collection.

In 1953, for her coronation the President of Brazil gifted her beautiful aquamarine necklace and earrings on behalf of the people of Brazil. It is said that it took one long year to collect the matching gems. Then in the year 1958, she was presented a bracelet and brooch which matched her aquamarine set by the President of Brazil. These Brazilian aquamarines were large and magnificent. The Queen loved them so much that she made her Royal jeweller Garrard design a matching tiara to complete the parure.

Queen Elizabeth Brazilian Aquamarines Collection

She experimented on the design and got the tiara redesigned again and also the necklace pendant which was initially large and detachable was replaced by a smaller one. She loved it too much and wore it for many important events.

Perfect Aquamarine Jewelry Collection

The craze for the aquamarine jewelry is still on top and the recent Oscar Awards has witnessed many celebs flaunting the gem in their jewelry.

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