Find Why Aquamarine Jewelry is Exotic

What a lovely gemstone. A member of beryl minerals, aquamarine is one of the most exquisite gemstones on earth. Derived its name from two Latin words – ‘aqua’ and ‘marine’, it literally translates to ‘Water of the Sea’ and that is what comes to mind when you look at this gem.


It’s lucid color is reminiscent of the clear water of Oceans. With a slight greenish tint mixed beautiful transparent blue, it can be found in various shades of vast water bodies. It is pale-blue, greenish-blue, sky-blue and often blue-green. Deeper and transparent pieces value higher than others do.

A sibling of emerald, aquamarine compliments all skin types and stands out as a gem that every woman should have in her jewelry box. Lucky you if you celebrates your birthday in March! It is the official birthstone for March. However, that no way restricts others from wearing aquamarine jewelry. Its serene and tranquil beauty creates head-turning charm that women desire.


Tales of aquamarine being found in treasure chests of mermaids have been told for centuries. In many cultures, it has been given as a good luck gift to brides to ensure happy marriage. Isn’t that great that it covers her need of ‘something blue’ for her wedding. Deep sea blue of this gem was believed to keep the wearer calm and peaceful, helps in remaining stoic, conscious and in full control despite of any provocation. This must be one of the reasons why it was known as ‘Sailor’s Good Luck’ gem. Superstitious sailors used to keep it with them for protection from shipwrecks and hypnotic voices.

Aquamarines have long been associated with feelings of sympathy, harmony and trust, and it awakes love. Therefore, it is a traditional gift for 19th wedding anniversary.


Cool shades of this gem works perfectly with spring and summer wardrobes. It blends beautifully with diamonds, pearls and turquoise. Even if you are not born in March, aquamarine engagement ring is a fabulous choice to show your deep-rooted love and trust in your relationship. A pendant or a pair of aquamarine earrings also make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day, Women’s Day or any occasion when you like to honor that most important woman of your life for being so patient and calm with you.

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