55 Cancri e – A Planet Made of Diamond

The glory and glitter of diamond is unmatched. A small piece of fine cut diamond could sparkle brilliant enough to ablaze the ambience. Then what happened if you have an entire planet made out of diamond?

Dark Green Yellow Round Diamond

Surely all the girls out there would find a new bling interest while the guys would be holding their pockets even tightly. So let us tell you that it is not an imagination or a dream sequence but a planet almost made out of diamond exists beyond the periphery of this world.

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55 Cancri e is a diamond planet that is twice the radius and eight times the mass of earth. The planet is one of the five planets that orbit a distant sun-like star 55 Cancri. In a recent research by American-French research team it is concluded that the planet is far larger and heavier than earth with no water and oxygen at all. Instead the surface of 55 Cancri e is made mostly out of carbon like that in case of graphite and diamond.

55 Cancri e Diamond Planet

The study estimated that ‘at least a third of the planet’s mass that is equal to three masses of earth could be diamond.

Nikku Madhusudhan is a Researcher

The lead researcher Nikku Madhusudhan, a Yale University Postdoctoral in physics and astronomy told that the planet is a first glimpse of rocky world with a fundamentally different chemistry from earth. He also explained, “The surface of the planet is likely covered in graphite and diamond rather than water and granite.”

diamond planet

Now that is brilliant news for the gals. Probably the radiant diamond will soon become every girl’s best friend. But wait. The planet’s one year last only for 18 hours and its surface temperature is 3,900 degree Fahrenheit. Also the huge diamond chunk is as far as 40 light years. That means it is not a habitable world.

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Sorry girls for you can’t go there to catch the diamonds. But don’t worry; we have quite a lot of diamond for you to shop on earth.

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