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How about a Theme Party for Thanksgiving

Halloween has gone and you must be planning for Thanksgiving Day feast. There are no limits to have fun on Thanksgiving and one way is to plan a theme party. However, you have already attended Halloween parties but why not to create a theme for the turkey treat this year. You can take a red carpet theme or a fairytale story and tweak it to suit your Thanksgiving party. Ask your guests to be the devil or angel, a Barbie doll, a saint, a monster, a busy rabbit from Alice in Wonderland or a famous Hollywood celebrity. You can try the following ideas for you or your guests to have a fun and memorable Thanksgiving treat.

Inspired by Celebrity

Celebrities are the best people to look for creative ideas for any event. You can search for your favorite celebrity’s special costumes or can browse for A-list stars with most astonishing looks. Celebrities like Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian are best to follow.

Inspired by Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian Dresses

From the Fairytale
Red Riding Hood, Cinderella or Snow White, you can choose your favorite fairytale character for the annual feast. It is amazing to live the world of dreams. Finding the costume is easy. You can even make it out of the things available in your wardrobe. Just a bit of creativity is all you need to be the best dressed at your upcoming party.

Fairytale costumes

Like the Royals
Who doesn’t want to be a king or a queen? Holiday parties are the best time to live your fantasy. If your favorite royal is Kate Middleton or Lady Diana, you just have to look around your wardrobe and bring out the most iconic and elegant dress, pair your fine jewelry and minimal makeup and you are ready for the party. You can be extravagant like many royals in ancient times by putting on statement jewelry that includes lots of gemstones and gold.

Kate Middleton inspired Dresses

Whatever you choose to be, remember that you have perfectly taken the essence of it. For example, if you are Kate Middleton, do not forget that blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring and if you are the heart stealing Angelina Jolie, the emerald teardrop earrings or a cocktail emerald ring is necessary.

Angara Holiday Discount
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